The inaugural ULI Hong Kong Conference was held on 5 March 2019 in Tai Kwun. The conference is a one day multi-format, multi-disciplinary event packed with talks, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

2019 ULI Hong Kong Conference Video Library

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Bringing Smarter Payment Systems, Sensors to Hong Kong

When the Octopus card was introduced to Hong Kong 22 years ago, it quietly revolutionized transportation in the city. It certainly made the city “smarter” and easier to navigate, both quicker and with a lot less spare change in your pocket. But what steps can a city such as Hong Kong take now to ensure it remains relevant in another two decades’ time? Read more on Urban Land Magazine.

How Hong Kong, One of the World’s Most Expensive Cities, Copes with a Housing Crisis

How can Hong Kong solve a housing crisis that sees needy families wait half a decade to get a public rental unit? How can the city provide encouragement to young professionals entering the workforce but who say they will consider moving abroad so they can afford a home? Thorny issues were considered during the Spotlight on an Asset Class: Solving Hong Kong’s Housing Crisis panel session at the ULI Hong Kong Conference. Read now on Urban Land Magazine for details.

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“Hong Kong Rediscovered” Special Edition for ULI Hong Kong

ULI Hong Kong and Corporate Member Spectra have teamed up to gather recommendations from ULI members showcasing the places they love around town – covering new and old, Hong Kong Island and New Territories. We hope it will be an inspiration to explore something new and rediscover authentic experiences around Hong Kong.

Read now for recommendations of places to visit!

Data will drive Hong Kong’s smart development

How can Hong Kong become smarter and more adaptable, and what are its biggest challenges towards achieving that goal?

Read insights from our panel speaker Alex Katsanos on how he views data can drive Hong Kong’s smart development.