Art X Real Estate: A Value Creation Tool for a World City

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 13:00 – 13:40 JC Cube Auditorium General Session

Distinctiveness is a measure of individuality. It can be articulated by referencing the particular things that help differentiate one similar thing from another in order to identify it as unique. Distinction is something different. Distinction is an honorable quality that is a key component of excellence.

Public art can help augment the distinctiveness of a property development project and, when done well, give it the quality of distinction. Public art adds value to a real estate project by enhancing its visibility and the way it resonates in the public consciousness. It can help define places and spaces, bringing communities together through common appreciation of shared values.

In this talk panel, the speakers will address some of the concepts and the strategies that have helped to deliver distinctiveness, distinction and added value to a variety of real estate projects.