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Keynote Speaker

The internationally-recognised business and financial leader shared her perspective on the future of Hong Kong at this turning point.

Business Unusual - Reshaping Hong Kong #ULIHongKong

ULI is embracing new ways for members to connect and share best practices online. After thoughtful consideration, we made the decision to transition the in-person 2020 ULI Hong Kong Conference into a virtual experience. ULI Hong Kong is excited about this new virtual direction as it provides our community an even more inclusive opportunity to share, learn and connect with leaders from every sector of the real estate industry across the region.

The conference, themed “Business Unusual – Reshaping Hong Kong” will dig deep into the issues that face our industry and the city which is facing unprecedented economic, social, and political challenges.

Our long-standing mission in leading the future of global urban development and the responsible use of land is relevant here and now, more than ever. ULI’s strength is its members and together, we continue to shape the future of our industry and create thriving communities for this generation and those to come.

We look forward to convening our Hong Kong members, friends and larger community to engage in this unique opportunity to focus on our common goal – reshaping Hong Kong and ensuring the city is a better place for all.

Program at a Glance

Oct 8

The Heart of Hong Kong: Feeling the City, Part 1

Productivity, performance and mental health: How is our relationship and experience with the city changing? Dr Richard Claydon synthesises a number of complex and interconnected elements with which we are all grappling to frame the conversations taking place over the course of the conference.

Our City in Context

What are the opportunities and challenges for Hong Kongers working in the Greater Bay Area? Views from HK young professionals may bring an insight. A diverse and stellar cast currently working, living and playing between Hong Kong, Shenzhen and beyond discuss their personal on-the-ground experiences of this phenomenon.

Two Pillars of Hong Kong Society Under Threat

Hong Kong has long been a key global market for hospitality and retail, both of which have been affected first by social unrest and now by Covid-19. In this panel, we bring together movers and shakers in retail and hospitality to delve into what this means for the future of their industries and how it will affect Hong Kong.

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